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1/16/19 12:00 AM
Heck, on their launch day they single-handedly generated 6.7k Ethereum which is quite a number by the way. And yes, we know and have been foretold to answer your question which is...

There are a lot of flourishing blockchain dApps nowadays and picking the right one is such a tedious task for mortals like us. Good thing uprising developers like On5 joined in on the crypto gaming pantheon.

On5 games development studios is a somewhat formidable app developer based in Lithuania focusing on cross-platform applications and scalable infrastructures. To think that their Curriculum Vitae is undelightful is a slap-in-the-face for they ONLY have worked with EA, Samsung, and Atari. Not that it is much of a sarcastic understatement.

So what are we really talking about here?

The aforementioned game development studio penetrated the crypto-gaming world with unsurmountable flair by introducing a breakthrough idea called ETH.TOWN–an exciting way to interact, entertain, and of course earn Ethereum.

Heck, on their launch day they single-handedly generated 6.7k Ethereum which is quite a number by the way. And yes, we know and have been foretold to answer your question which is…

What the ‘eth’ is ETH.TOWN and how can us, scavangers, benefit from this?

The general essence of ETH.TOWN revolves around the concept of you indulging yourself as a real estate investor buying out floors in the Crypto Tower. But more of that later.

To start off, ETH.TOWN involves three major things– Crypto Tower, Heroes, and ETIT tokens. The game also uses the ERC-20 system of smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain which implements tokens as a means for trading albeit calling it ETIT tokens or ETH.TOWN Investors Tokens. Noting that ETIT tokens are ERC-20 compatible makes it easy.

ETIT tokens can NOT be directly bought from the game or the developer but are instead awarded via certain ways like early-day airdrops/bounty, playing games, Presale participation, or trading on EtherDelta or other exchanges.

To simplify the revenue-generating scheme, ETIT token holders automatically gain a share of the profits generated from ALL of the participant’s activity. Sounds good enough? It truly is! But how does it work?

Trading assets are channeled into three segments which are the deal-maker, token investors, and the developers. The ‘deal-makers’ get the bulk of the profit while a smaller portion of the share goes into token investors. And yes, developers get the smallest piece of the action for their very fine work. Also take note that ETH (Ethereum) is distributed according to the amount of the share each token holder has, in tiers. ETH can then be withdrawn directly from the platform.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Layman’s terms, ETIT tokens serve as currency for cool in-game activities and stuff in ETH.TOWN. Such events are briefly discussed below.

Crypto Tower

This is where all the action takes place. The Crypto Tower includes apartments and crypto offices which, by the way, are 100% crypto-affiliated. They offer a wide range of accessible activities from demure business-focused regimes to action-packed fights. Every floor independently stands on their own– imposing its own rules, profit structure, bonuses and many more.

Participating in floor activities or getting new floors adds up an exceptional achievement to your collection. Accumulating such feats provide you with special perks which can be helpful along the way. And one may ask: how can I move about across floors? Of course, that’s where the heroes come in.


For those thirsting for technical know-how, ETH.TOWN Heroes are composed of ERC-721 Ethereum tokens which makes every hero unique. Ownership of the hero is recorded on the blockchain which can be transferred and traded on platforms that support the standard.

Nonetheless, Heroes make up a massive part of the game. They serve as a vessel for maximizing revenue on activities found on floors but can also generate profit independently via dabbling with them and leveling it up. One can purchase level 0 guys and improve them which in turn can provide copious ETH gains when they level up.

In a fundamental sense, they are the ones responsible for your trades, fights, and merges. But how does one acquire such heroes in ETH.TOWN? The answer may surprise you.

Every 15 minutes, a fresh team of Level 0 heroes arrive at the town and is available for hire at a cost. Hiring is synonymous to ‘buying’ in this scenario and if no one hires a specific hero, its price will gradually go down and, to a certain extent, sometimes to zero (free). These heroes are bought with ETIT tokens.

As with most in-game characters, ETH.TOWN Heroes also contain skills which would be vital for their venture along the floors. They can also be ‘merged’ with other heroes and by merging meaning ‘creating offspring’ which are hybrids of the original parental source.

A boy-hero merges with a girl-hero which in turn produces a baby-hero. This baby-hero possesses a mix of the parent’s genes, stats, and image. After the baby-making process takes place, the child is born, and both of the said parents would self-destruct.

Some of the genes that heroes contain are:

Born to invest – higher returns to property deals.

Dice gene – anyone who contains this gene is entitled to obtain shares from ETH.TOWN’s Dice Game.

Fast breed – heroes who contain this trait have more rapid rates of conception. It is much quicker if both parents have it.

Instant breed – quicker than the fast breed gene.

Fast cooldown – heroes takes less resting time before tasks.

More crits – having a higher chance to critical when attacking others with stuff.

Tough – can withstand more damage from hitting.

Twins likely – higher chance to have twins. If both parents have it, there is a 100% chance that their offspring are twins.


Fighting in this platform involves the good-ole-fashioned game called rock-paper-scissors. Looking for a fight is just as easy as sending a hero to the arena, and if they find a suitable opponent, the battle will commence. Rewards come in gems, XP (experience), and Battle Points. The battle considers the hero stats, equipped items, and genes and calculates the hit chance and damage.

Thony Ventura being victorous.

Battle Points act as the marker for each hero’s rank. Winning over a fight adds battle points and losing one reduces it. If a battle was won over a stronger opponent, more points would be rewarded. On the other hand, losing to a weaker enemy means losing more battle points.

After every fight, the hero is required to ‘cool down’ and rest. This is where the fast cooldown gene comes in.


ETH.TOWN Adventures are less complicated to fights. All users have to do is pick their mighty hero and click on the adventure they want it to take and wait for it to return. The loot can contain gems, XP for the hero, and equipment items.

The higher the stats of the hero and better equipment it bares, the stronger is the chance for acquiring better items, gems, and less time to complete the adventure. So basically, what use are these gems?

Gem Pots

As stated earlier, Gems can be acquired through Adventures and Fights, and there are two ways to spend them:

  1. By buying equipment to innovate heroes’ stats in adventures and fights.
  2. By sending them to the Gem Pot.

The Gem Pot is some kind of a virtual container that gives away Ether in exchange for contributed gems. The gem pot distributes 10% of its content among its contributors during the 3-day interval. The amount of Ether a participant gets is directly proportional to the number of gems they have put in the ‘pot.’

Earlier we have mentioned mini-games and its role in the profit-generation across ETH.TOWN. Examples of such games are enumerated below.

Dice Game

ETH.TOWN’s Dice Game is probably hands down the best looking Dice Game found in the crypto realm. It uses a DAppChain powered by Loom which allows instantaneous confirmation times.

At the start, 4 heroes contain the rare Dice gene which affirms the hero a portion of the house’s 1.5% edge on the Dice game while the rest of the profit is channeled to the ETIT pool.

Infernal Cauldrons

Owned by an ambitiously named owner called Infernal Horse, the Infernal Cauldrons is a mini-game revolving around risks. Players can drop down ETIT or Ether to a specific cauldron and then wait until the kettle finishes brewing.

The shared cauldron then sends a report to three selected winners (or possibly one very, very lucky one). The amount of the ETIT or Ether shared to each cauldron is directly proportional to the chance of each user to win. The Infernal Cauldron game utilizes the hash of a block on the Ethereum blockchain in determining the winner.

In a game that has never been seen before, investing in virtual estates with accompanying heroes had seemed to work out for early participants and has proved lucrative as well. So what are you guys waiting for? There is a good chance that a statistically beneficial hero is waiting for you on the ETH.TOWN’s doorstep!

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Do you agree that investing in Eth.town is lucrative?

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