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5/14/19 12:00 AM
Now that the player owns a Starter pack, they can now move on to purchase a Booster Packwhich has so much higher rewards. A booster pack is around 2 USD but has a chance to include a $1000 card if one gets really lucky. Now that is a fantastic deal.

Steem Monsters introduces us to the familiar world of mythical creatures where every entity is governed by an element which all runs on the Steem blockchain.

Knowing that Steem Tokens are assembled with built-in Proof of Brain properties as well as a convenient reward system makes Steem Monsters a more decisive blockchain game. Now that the curtains are unveiled let’s dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of this next-level card-trading pantheon.

What are Steem Monsters?

In a nutshell, Steem Monsters have its own lore of wizards and commandable creatures which hails from a digital location called Splinterland. Splinter land is divided further into separate sublocations known as Splinters.

Each Splinter has a distinctive set of people which dwells themselves on a specific element on the dapp game. As players continue to battle and earn experience, the cards they own unravels an individual storyline which all lead to one legendary boss at the end of the adventure.

The whole Steem Monsters geographic is extremely wide for users to explore numerous terrains and opportunities to earn. On that behalf, the SM (Steem Monsters) community is ever expanding as well giving the typical player countless battles to choose from.

How to get started

Us here at Dappsify would take you to the concise breakdown of going through all that Steem Monsters hullabaloo. The first thing to consider is the cost of each pack and what pack to choose.

Going anonymous by not signing up for a Steem account endows a pricier Starter Pack which is the key ingredient to get the blockchain game started. Without an account, the Starter pack costs around 10 USD while joining the Steem community entitles the user to $5 markdown. Acquiring that information drastically changes our fickle minds.

Now that the player owns a Starter pack, they can now move on to purchase a Booster Packwhich has so much higher rewards. A booster pack is around 2 USD but has a chance to include a $1000 card if one gets really lucky. Now that is a fantastic deal.

Want to get one of this precious card?

The booster pack contains a set of five cards on which can randomly carry a common, rare, or epic card. Each card is hidden at first which can be individually picked to reveal what’s in store for you. Your dream of being in “The Price is Right” starts here.

So why is it the best blockchain tradeable card game?

Well, we don’t intend to smudge it in your face a handful of times but honestly speaking, a promising game like Steem Monsters would probably encompass that ETH Kitty game from a year ago. More interphases are introduced in SM (Steem Monsters) and that retro, card-trading nostalgia has never left the children in all of us. Now that’s a plus.

To pinpoint briefly and directly the plot points where Steem Monsters indeed showcased their ace, here is a concise breakdown for you:

Potential for greatness

Remember the CryptoKitty craze from last year? Steem Monsters have the same direction with mind-blowing newer features in a highly relatable gamer platform that excites the loins of those seeking battle.

It’s like taking the potential of the collecting platform into one phenomenon that almost everybody is familiar with–pokemon card collecting. Heck, who doesn’t enjoy a good card battle that demolishes the opponent’s deck? We know we do. And we are hungry for more.

Packed with excitement

This point would be best described as the moment one opens a foil of cards and wishing that there is a rare card inside only to find out there was one. You jump for joy with the surroundings suddenly distorting while all things would seem irrelevant.

That feeling is more than a dopamine-inducing chocolate bar and at some point, would be highly addictive. That is the feeling of opening a Steem Monsters pack.

Productive game experience

Aside from participating in numerous enraging battles, earning experience comes from a platoon of options like tangibly merging two similar types of cards whether it is a summoner or a monster. Opening a lot of booster packs ups your chances of getting better at the game.

Blockchain game transparency

The use of Steem blockchain per se entitles a very comprehensive database for users to look through the transactions which give a summary of the demand and network for users.

More stable blockchain platform

Steem, as being used for content and whatnot, has been around for quite some time implying its good and stable system. It was able to withstand high volume transactions with ease and has the ledger to prove for it.

Time-bound profit

Vintage cards, as we all know, tend to sweeten through time. A more appropriate term for it, in the case of those who are money hungry, would be “valuable as years progress.” Along with all the hot potato blockchain games, Steem Monsters are left to marinate and increase in value as it approaches the vintage monicker.


With a myriad of combinations to topple down opponents, the entertaining Steem blockchain game keeps the card-interphase burning in a well-lit cryptographic realm. In conclusion, Steem monsters is the best place to obtain the dream of being the card master.

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Can you dominate in Steem Monsters?

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