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4/30/19 12:00 AM
HyperDragons and decentralized exchange DDEX has announced their cooperation for the decentralized exchanging of its in-game currency DST. The aim for DDEX teaming up with HyperDragons is to create an in-game decentralized transaction environment, which will increase the free circulation and liquidity of the DST in the game and take transaction security to a higher level.

HyperDragons is a blockchain-based strategy game with a community-driven economy and immutable game balance running on smart contracts. All game assets are stored in the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and can be easily traded, exchanged or transferred.

Upon making its alpha launch public, HyperDragons gave its users deeper turn-based arena gameplay and outshined most existing Blockchain games. HyperDragons team has been working heart and soul to publicise the blockchain revolution through an innovative and gamification approach. From Ethereum’s scalability and network congestion issue to in-game asset transfer via DDEX, the team has been working day and night to update the game to a whole new player experience level and fair return of their investment.

DDEX exchange support:

HyperDragons and decentralized exchange DDEX has announced their cooperation for the decentralized exchanging of its in-game currency DST. The aim for DDEX teaming up with HyperDragons is to create an in-game decentralized transaction environment, which will increase the free circulation and liquidity of the DST in the game and take transaction security to a higher level.

Layer 2 Scaling Solutions:

HyperDragons blockchain team has been testing a solution for Ethereum’s scalability and slow transaction issue and has come up with a state-of-the-art brand-new scaling solution. The solution is cost-effective that the game logic runs Chain Efficient State machine, and the game state (attributes) are stored securely in the chain. There will be offered incentives to attract Users run the Validator software, the software will ensure downlink state machine calculated the game state can be saved only the real ones to the chain.

Properties of layer 2 solution in HyperDragons:

  • Comprehensive breakthrough in public chain bottlenecks
  • Improve user experience
  • Quick response
  • No transaction fee
  • Anti-congestion model
  • Offpeek system standby

Mobile Wallet Support: A number of mobile wallets has been added to enhance the player mobility and playability.

HyperDragons player incentives through the token economy:

If you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, HyperDragons hold an enticing future promise; finally, you will be able to own virtual in-game items as tokens truly and accumulate them without worrying about the company changing the rules and taking them away. The tokens are Ethereums Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) which cannot be destroyed, hacked or stolen by traditional means. The ERC 721 smart contract system ensures the safety, fairness and security through an open ledger verified by billions of nodes.

In short, the value of your invested time and money will be forever yours and will be transferable to other games in the ecosystem rather than being obsolete like played traditional games.

The traditional game economy system is infested by platform economy barrier. The in-game currencies serve merely as a token of exchange for games additional services, e.g. Skins, Upgrades, Boost packs and Items. Upon purchase of the item, the player does a one-way exchange from physical currency to in-game item. Another dilemma of traditional gaming services that players spend thousands of hours in a game and finally when a new game shows up on the horizon and player starts playing the new games assets of the old game becomes obsolete and useless. HyperDragons is offering its players a revolutionary token-based economy where players will be able to play the game and earn rewards in it. Finally, when they are tired of playing the game can take their assets to other games in the ecosystem, transfer assets to their kith and kin and exchange the tokens for usable currency in the marketplace.

The HyperDragons tokens:

The game HyperDragons is offering two major tokens in its platform. They are both written on Ethereums smart contract system providing a secure, fair and decentralised management system.

  1. The Dragons:The dragons in the HyperDragons platform are based om Ethereums NFT tokens. They are written on ERC 721 protocol, unique in graphical and battle characteristics, and will be signed to a single owner. Dragons will create value in several activities throughout the game.
  2. Dragons will mine precious DST once recruited by the castle
  3. They can fight Arena battles and earn rewards and glory
  4. Glory points will increase a dragons DST mining amount
  5. Once bought dragons can be trained and resold for a higher price
  6. Dragons are your primary defence from incoming attacks

The Dragons are the primary earning tool in HyperDragons. The more dragons you own, the higher return on investment you will secure.

  • Dragon Series Token (DST) token: The token DST is the primary in-game currency which will be used for services, e.g. Infrastructure Upgrade, Prediction, Participation fee etc.
  • The token DST is already listed on true decentralised exchange DDEX
  • The token offers an intrinsic value and expected value for players
  • DST can be mined drafting Dragons for mining
  • The supply of DST is limited, and the value is likely to increase

The HyperDragons Activities:

The Castle War:

The Castle war section of the game comprises of multiple enjoyable activities and interactions. The page serves as the home page of the whole game. The UI/UX has been done with a strategy games god view and players can interact with any building through a mouse click. The castle has several islands which offer individual activities.

  • Castle War has Dragon Mineral where you will send your Dragons for mining
  • The additional buildings will act as support buildings for the development of your island
  • Purchased dragons can be recruited to different posts
  • You can collect Sand and Mana for free on the island
  • Sand will be used to upgrade buildings
  • Mana can be used to heal wounded dragons
  • The Defender Dragons will protect your castle from incoming attacks
  • You can attack others castle and plunder assets

The Marketplace:

TheMarketplace is the very soul of the HyperDragons economy. Purchase dragons and train them with glory points.

  • The market supports the purchasing of Dragons with ETH (Ethereum)
  • Market is based on the “Dutch Auction” model which gradually reduces price with time
  • Trained dragons can be resold for an unbelievable higher price
  • Different Dragons have different genotypes and phenotypes with different values
  • All dragons have mining power; the higher it is the more DSTs it will mine

Buying dragons then training and battling them then selling them in marketplace can be both fun and rewarding activity.

The Arena:

The fierce dragons are your primary assets in battling in the Arena. Train your Dragons to fight for your name and honour and of course substantial cash rewards in the Dragon Arena.

Also, if you don’t own any Dragons predict the outcome of the match and bet on it to win fabulous prizes.

  • Every day there will be some Arena matches held in HyperDragons
  • The match result of winners and prizes will be publicly announced
  • Arena battles results can be predicted for amazing prizes
  • The Arena matches are divided according to Gens for balanced and fair competition

How to play the game:

The participation in the game is relatively simple. Download any of the supported wallets and transfer some ETH to game and voila you are set to go!

Step 1: Metamask has introduced Chrome, Firefox and Opera versions. Please download it here
Note: If you do not want to install Metamask, you can use MyEtherWallet to trade manually.

Step 2:

You don’t have to buy a dragon right away! Experience the broad horizons of the game first.

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Login to your wallet and start exploring the HyperDragons kingdom.

A whole new version of The Rocket Arena went live on 14th September!

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