ExoPlanets Partnering Up With Thundercore!

By yaron@exoplanets.io
Greetings, space explorers! We are very excited to announce that ExoPlanets will be developed and deployed on the Thundercore blockchain, making it The first real-time multiplayer game on Thundercore!

ExoPlanets is almost one year old… time flies when you’re gaming! We started out when there were~3700 confirmed exoplanets in the galaxy, and very recently that number has grew to over 4000 confirmed planets! As NASA and other scientific minds keep discovering and confirming new exoplanets, we are also expanding and developing our awesome crypto game on Thundercore.

Over 4000 confirmed exoplanets!

Thundercoreis a very promising blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency. Developed by industry-leading experts, it is EVM-compatible with throughput of 1,200+ transactions per-second, sub-second confirmation times, and low gas costs — making it quick and easy for DApps to deploy and scale.

Deploying ExoPlanets on Thundercore will benefit players by providing super fast transactions, low gas fees and a seamless gaming experience.

Learn more about Thundercore

Brand new planets will be created on the Thundercore blockchain! This means that ~4000 scientifically confirmed exoplanets will be divided between the blockchains. Both the Ethereum version and Thundercore version of ExoPlanets will be developed simultaneously and co-exist. We will also explore ways to allow migration between the two blockchains for existing players later on down the road.

ExoPlanets on Ethereum — What a beauty!

Like in the Ethereum version of the game, players will be able to get their hands on amazing, scientifically accurate exoplanets, collect, own and sell them, evolve life on them, launch spaceships and play against each other in a race to mine as many resources as they can before all the resources are depleted, and then convert them to ERC20 ExoTokens — but in a much smoother, faster and cheaper way.

More details about the release date of ExoPlanets on Thundercore and the presale will be released soon, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Telegram or Discord and stay up to date!

But wait, there’s more!

To celebrate this new collaboration between ExoPlanets and Thundercore, we are happy to announce a new mining contest for our beloved Ethereum players! This is just a drop in the bucket, but we figured it is a good start :)
This new contest will be short and sweet, with 10,000 ThunderTokens in prizes, and a special Thundercore exoplanet!

That’s right — start your engines and warm up your spaceships, it is time to mine resources like hell! The contest will start this Sunday, the 19th of May, and will last for 3 rounds of mining. Every round will last 4 hours and will have 150 resources available, scattered over 6 resource planets in the galaxy. The players with the most resources mined over these 3 rounds will be declared winners! The prizes are:
1st Place — 6000 ThunderTokens and a Thundercore exoplanet.
2nd Place — 3000 ThunderTokens.
3rd Place — 1000 ThunderTokens.

More details and exact times will be published on our Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Are you ready to rumble? ;)
The Exo team.

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