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8/21/05 12:00 PM
This game has its own unique currency. This currency is called BRN token. For this currency, you can buy a lot of different things such as food, land, buildings, weapons, workers, and of course soldiers.

With the development of the modern world, such a thing as a blockchain has appeared. I am sure that each of you knows what it is. Over time, this definition is implemented in the game industry. Thanks to this, it became possible to combine entertainment with making money.

Do you like games on the blockchain?

Each answer to this question may be different. I want to please you with my find. Present to your attention Crypto Barons. A game that will shake up the whole your world! There is no doubt that your picture of crypto games will change for the better.

The goal of the developers was to create a really good product that would attract the maximum audience. At its core, the game is a mixture of RPG and strategy. This is a unique game, where all players can get a fair, transparent rewards that are issued in a BRN token that can be easily exchanged for open markets.

A great advantage is the fact that this game is the first cross-platform blockchain game deployed on Android, ios and Windows.

So let’s start to talk about game in more details.

This game has its own unique currency. This currency is called BRN token. For this currency, you can buy a lot of different things such as food, land, buildings, weapons, workers, and of course soldiers. You can also transfer your tokens to other players. This is a great opportunity. In the future is planed to use this currency in other games.

As already mentioned, the game is a mixture of rpgs and strategies. Time of action takes place in the Middle Ages, a time when war and survival were commonplace for every member of the race of humanity. We will play for the barons, or, more precisely, for the baron in the glorious kingdom of Albigon. Our goal is world domination. This is very interesting, since who among us has not dreamed of this? However, life is not that simple. There will be many obstacles on our way. Not only you dream about world domination. So sometimes you have to fight. It’s very exciting. In order to become more powerful in this game there is an opportunity to collect various things (land, trees, food, workers and, of course, the driving force of our army – soldiers). The higher the level of development, the stronger your player becomes. Therefore, more chance of winning.

This game is a great way to uncover your talents in various fields such as management, engineering, sales, marketing, banking, strategy, and even try your hand as a commander of the army.

The essence of the game is that your workers will collect food and rebuild the kingdom. The surplus will need to be sold in the global market, exchanging for coins. For coins you will be able to recruit an army that will allow you to keep unfriendly neighbors at bay.

At the same time, you can become an aggressor and start the fighting against your neighbors. The benefit of this is that you you can pick yourself up the property of others. Therefore, this action will a little step to world domination. Also the great advantage is that most of the game elements will be spelled out in the blockchain, and therefore they can always be sold for ETH, or BRN – which is essentially a game token. You can join the token purchasing with 10% discount on!

CryptoBarons was placed among the top 5 finalists at Cryptogame Challenge. Ugarsoft’s game attracted significant attention during their participation as exhibitors at the White Nights Game Conference in June in St. Petersburg in June 2018. During the event, Ugarsoft’s team met and agreed with Maxim Babichev, Head of Games at Vkontakte, to feature the game on VK(extremely popular Russian social network). The creators of Crypto Barons also have a partnership agreement with opskins marketplace and have started their partnership with the exchange , which, at a minimum, indicates the seriousness of intentions!

Doesn’t it tell about the further success of this game? We think yes! Do not miss your chance! Good luck!

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