Card Effects! - It's Dangerous, take this!

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12/24/19 5:25 AM

A good chunk of minions in the game enter the field with more than just their brawn. These powerful effects even out the Tides of Magic, here is a spotlight on all the card effects currently available in the game.

Also, it is useful to note that minions do not start with more than one card effect unless a spell tacks one on (for better or for worse)

Rush: When minions are summoned to the field they are usually asleep for 1 turn and cannot take actions but minions with rush can act immediately being summoned. You snooze you lose!

CallToArms: Whenever a minion with callToArms is summoned onto the field trigger the effect in the card details. There are over 100+ cards with callToArms so choose wisely!

Undying: These minions don't know how to quit. Whenever a minion with undying gets sent to the graveyard return it to battle but its life and attack are set to 1. This can only trigger once and blends perfectly with certain black magic spells.

Deathgrasp: Whenever a minion with deathgrasp gets sent to the graveyard trigger the effect in the card details. This can be found spread across all factions.

Swift: When two minions attack each other they normally exchange both attacks on one another at the same time. However, minions with swift get to strike first before the opponent. A strong swift minion can go unscathed in tons of battles. It might be useful to have some damaging spells if you find one of these on your opponent's side of the field.

DeadlyBlow: Whenever this minion hits another minion send the other minion to the graveyard. The only exception is if the other minion has immuneToPhysical. There are plenty of deadlyBlow minions in the Crawler faction.

Vampiric: Whenever this minion strikes an enemy player steal the life points from the enemy player and add it to your own. There aren’t many minions with this effect in the game so if you happen to score a card with this badass effect, keep it.

DoubleStrike: Whenever this minion strikes an enemy player deal double the damage. This is common among the Flying faction.

Discard: Whenever a minion with discard hits an enemy player they must discard x cards from their hand where x is the power of the discard effect. For the most part, it’s either 1 or 2 cards. There are a lot of spells and other means to make players discard cards so you should refer to the text detailed in the cards for specifics.

MagicImmune: Minions with magicImmune cannot be targeted by spells, your opponent's spells or even your own. Only spell cards that say the word ‘target’ are stopped. For example, If a spell card says ‘kill all minions’ and does not contain the word ‘target’ then the magicImmune effect will not protect the minion and it will get sent to the graveyard.

hysicalImmune: This minion cannot receive damage from other minions only spells. This effect is particularly powerful, if you play one of these and your opponent doesn’t have a kill card in their deck this will wreak havoc.

Persist: Whenever a player's turn starts make sure to trigger the persist effect detailed in the card text.

Evolution: A special feature attributed to the Ethermon faction if a player has a card with an evolution effect in his hand or on a habitat and the preevolve detailed in the card text is in play on their side of the field they can pay the evolution cost to summon this minion. Just remember to be careful when building decks heavy in Ethermon as if you don't have the preevolve in play the card becomes essentially useless.

These are just the starting effects we have now we plan to release much more in the future. Also, these don't take into account some of the cool habitat integrations we already have in the game! We’ll explain those in a future post.


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