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By BuyHiSellLow-TidesOfMagic
11/28/19 6:00 PM

Welcome to the Tides of Magic, we are a brand new trading card game on the ethereum blockchain. We are unique in that erc721 tokens from other games can be pulled into this one and interacted with. This is a challenging hurdle but we are passionate that these types of games move blockchain in the right direction. Not only should game assets be on-chain, but they all should be able to interact with each other, regardless of the project.

Join us as we make advances in blockchain and have fun while we do it.

Initially, upon release, there will be 5 schools of magic available, each with their own pack of cards. These come in two gradations, standard and elite.

Standard cards start at the price of 0.0272 eth and increase at a rate of 0.00033 eth per pack.

Buying packs in bulk locks-in the price and doesn’t incur an increase. Elite packs are double the price of standard cards and naturally, have better drop rates.

There are legend packs as well. These grant the highest chance of getting rare cards. The price is set at 0.272eth and does not increase. There are no elite versions of these packs as ‘legend’ is as rare as it gets.

The cards accessible in one magic school pack will not be accessible in others. Legend packs, however, will have all the cards in the current set accessible to them.

Packs of cards can score you minions, spells, and habitats. Minions fight for you, spells perform special actions and habitats produce mana. Habitats also perform additional functionality but we will go more in-depth about them in future posts.

The Black and Purple types of magic won’t be available immediately, they are set to release only after a certain number of blocks get confirmed.

This will be an inclusive card game, meaning if you own erc721 tokens from another crypto-game our game will allow it to be added into decks.

Not all cards will work by default as some cards from other games are much too powerful and will have their stats reigned back. Also, permission has to be given to us to use their artwork.

These are examples from two other games that we’re big fans of and check them out if you haven’t already.

However, in the true spirit of blockchain, If anyone wants to use our erc721 tokens in their game they have our permission. Let me say that again. If anyone wants to use our erc721 tokens in their game, go for it — signed the goddamn CEO. If you have special requests for assets or need anything additional, contact us. If you have thoughts on how your erc721 tokens should appear on our platform just let us know!

Also, we built into the game several erc20 tokens that can be used to upgrade card attributes and aesthetics. These aren’t available as of yet but we will keep you informed.

Please check out the website as it is being launched;

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to join our discord.

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