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Interview with creator and developer Alain G + Tides of Magic
12/25/19 4:16 PM
Alain gives a hearty and wholesome backstory into Tides of Magic!
CryptoMiner World Players Guide
7/18/19 12:00 AM
World Chest - There is only one World Chest, and it will be filled with 2,000 ETH! It is filled with 20% of each Plot of Land sold. Once the last Plot of...
Chain Clash - The New Game on the Block for True Crypto Lovers
6/26/19 12:00 AM
Collecting and training Avatars are unique assets, living as non-fungible tokens on a blockchain. They exist in a variety of (dope!) appearances and...
The Best Blockchain Tradeable Card Game
5/14/19 12:00 AM
Now that the player owns a Starter pack, they can now move on to purchase a Booster Packwhich has so much higher rewards. A booster pack is around 2 USD but...
How to Train Your HyperDragons
4/30/19 12:00 AM
HyperDragons and decentralized exchange DDEX has announced their cooperation for the decentralized exchanging of its in-game currency DST. The aim for DDEX...
RichCat - the first Monopoly game in Blockchain
4/25/19 10:26 AM
RichCat - the first Monopoly game in Blockchain website: RichCat is the first Monopoly game in Blockchain. Similar to Monopoly game,...
Why Investing in is the Next Big Thing
1/16/19 12:00 AM
Heck, on their launch day they single-handedly generated 6.7k Ethereum which is quite a number by the way. And yes, we know and have been foretold to answer...
CryptoMinerWorld — The best of Idle and Collectable Crypto Games
1/14/19 1:10 AM
GIVING BACK TO PLAYERS 2000Ether Ethereum smart contracts open up a variety of options that can be utilized to give back to the community of players in...
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