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Why Investing in is the Next Big Thing
Heck, on their launch day they single-handedly generated 6.7k Ethereum which is quite a number by the way. And yes, we know and...
CryptoMinerWorld — The best of Idle and Collectable Crypto Games
GIVING BACK TO PLAYERS 2000Ether Ethereum smart contracts open up a variety of options that can be utilized to give back to...

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Blockchain Game of the Week #1: CryptoRome
1/14/19 12:00 AM
Well, the Caesar earns 1% of all resource transactions that happened during the whole 24 hour period during his reign. Senators, on the other hand, get an equal share of the 1% of all resource transactions allocated to them. All in all, 2% of all payments occurring in the 24-hour regime gets transferred to these winners. Ethereum is transferred directly to the player’s ETH wallet.