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Tags: ExoPlanetsCryptogamespacemultiplayer3DtokensplayablefunscientificNASAplanetsblockchain
ExoPlanets is a space exploration game focused on scientifically accurate planets outside of our solar system. All planets info is taken from NASA's database of confirmed planets, which makes ExoPlanets both fun and super interesting. In ExoPlanets, players can buy, own, collect, sell and play with unique exoplanets (ERC721 tokens), evolve life on them, send out spaceships to explore space and mine resources - which are then converted to ERC20 ExoTokens. ExoPlanets is the first browser based real-time multiplayer 3D game, and allows player to race in real time through space and mine as many resources as you can find before other players get them. If you're an astronomy enthusiast, NASA fan, or simply a space explorer in spirit, ExoPlanets is the crypto game for you!



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